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Company: NuStep, Inc.
Address: 5111 Venture Drive, Suite 1
City: Ann Arbor
State / Province: MI
Zip / Postal Code: 48108
Country: US
Toll Free: 800-322-2209
Tel: 734-769-3939
Fax: 734-769-8180
Years in Business: 24
National Sales Manager: Linda Wojciechowicz
Estimated Time of Delivery: 2-3 weeks

10 years frame; 5 years parts; 1 year labor


Product line or service:

NuStep recumbent cross-trainers empower users of virtually all ability levels to experience the benefits of total-body cardio exercise. The NuStep combines lower- and upper-body movement for a full-body workout that builds strength, improves balance and enhances independence.


The NuStep's age-friendly features--360-degree swivel seat, StrideLock, grab bar, low inertia start-up and user-controlled step length--gives users the confidence to get on and go and to exercise safely with control.

Ongoing marketing & educational support:

NuStep established the Pinnacle Award® in 1998 to recognize senior organizations that support healthy aging through whole-person wellness programming and empower older adults to Take That Step towards a more active lifestyle.

What inspired your company to produce these products or services?

Understanding the positive role exercise plays in promoting healthy aging and wellness, NuStep was inspired to design inclusive products that make safe and effective full-body exercise possible for virtually anyone.

What inspired your founder(s) to form your company?

Two decades after Founder and CEO Dick Sarns developed the heart-lung machine, evidence emerged about the importance of exercise in healthy living. Sarns turned his focus to developing exercise products for individuals of all ages and ability levels.

What sets your company apart from others in the industry?

NuStep's inclusive, age-friendly products and adaptive equipment have earned the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation. Our commitment to and support of the active-aging industry have earned the ICAA INSPIRE Award.

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