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Online advertising

Rates effective from December 1, 2016 - November 30, 2017

In addition to print media, ICAA’s websites are another powerful way for you to connect with our member companies – in a variety of ways.

New: ICAA Blog

With the upcoming re-launch of ICAA's website we have a limited number of spots available for organizations to BLOG on the ICAA website, Aka, content marketing. By blogging for ICAA you will be able to:

1. Share your expertise with ICAA members and website visitors, think positioning
2. Demonstrate your best practices, think sharing the success of your clients while gaining visibility for them
3. Gain exposure beyond the blog, think boosting your blog on social media platforms
4. Add credibility, not much to think about here. Credibility is the backbone of sales
5. Build a fan base of loyal followers, think word of mouth

Blogs are up to 700 words in length and can include images, audio, and/or video. However, the most important thing is that your blog is educational and not promotional, adhering strictly to the ICAA blog guidelines. Promotional blogs will not be accepted. There will be a link at the end of the blog for readers who want more information about the author, company, or topic.

Cost: $500 per blog, $1,000 if ICAA writes the blog for you. You can blog up to 4 times in a month.

New: web video (home page)


Broaden your visibility by placing your video on the ICAA home page. Limited to one company per month, available on a first-come, first-served basis. Video up to 3 minutes in length.

Cost: $1,500 per month

ICAA webinar sponsorships

From anywhere there’s an Internet connection, ICAA members can tune into our live webinars covering topics affecting the business operations around the lives of aging adults – everything from bench-marking their wellness programs to aquatics therapy. For sponsoring this event, we send you a list of all attendees, and you get to ask them a question on our short follow-up survey.

Cost: $1,500 sponsorship per webinar

ICAA Virtual Summits

Our Virtual Summits can be an excellent way for companies catering to older adult-related industries to make themselves known. Sponsors and partners of these events enjoy exposure to key prospects and customers, have access to the list of attendees, and are able to ask 1-2 research questions.

Cost: $1,500 sponsorship per summit

Educational breaks offer companies an ideal opportunity to present their product/service to summit attendees. Limited availability.

Cost: $1,950 each

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ICAA Weekly/Research Review newsletter

24 times a year, circulation 10,000+

Place a banner advertisement or video in ICAA Weekly and ICAA Research Review, online newsletters that connect ICAA members with the latest developments in aging research and education.

Banner advertisement: $350 per issue
Video: $600 per issue

ICAA Showroom

Monthly e-mail, circulation 10,000+

Showroom is a monthly e-mail video that introduces new products or services to the market immediately – without the printing or mailing costs associated with traditional direct mail. Videos may be from 2 to 5 minutes. Non-video options are also available.

Cost: $2,550

Log-in banner ad

This ad appears on the log-in page of our general website, which enjoys over a quarter of a million page views a year.

Cost: $1,500/month static, animated or video.

ICAA Content Connect

With Content Connect, ICAA members who are browsing articles, reports or videos on specific topic areas on the ICAA website can learn instantly about businesses serving those areas.

Cost: $600 per category, per year. ICAA Preferred Business Partners rate: $300 per category, per year.

Listings appear in alphabetical order.

Premier Content Connect listings appear among the top three listings, in your chosen category.

Cost: $1,300 per category, per year. ICAA Preferred Business Partners rate: $1,000 per category, per year.

Listings appear in order of purchase date.

To learn how to maximize your relationship with ICAA, call 866-335-9777 or 604-734-4466.

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