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Company: QuickWitz
Address: 208 Lindbergh Court
City: Greer
State / Province: SC
Zip / Postal Code: 29651
Country: US
Toll Free: 888-380-9535
Website: ,
Years in Business: 7
National Service Director: Becky McLaughlin
Estimated Time of Delivery: 2 weeks

Product line or service:

Want to offer a mental fitness program that keeps seniors coming back for fun and social engagement? Look no further! QuickWitz supplies enrichment and mental stimulation across nearly a dozen skill areas most frequently impacted by aging.


The group setting, interactive social connectivity and simplicity of presentation make QuickWitz appealing to activity directors and seniors. The DVD/workbook combination provides a plan for enrichment leaders, while ushering brain training into the social arena.

Ongoing marketing & educational support:

Boundless customer support and technical assistance are a hallmark at QuickWitz. The ease of administration and the low-tech features highlight the program presentation.

In-service training:

Training is accomplished by webinars and use of online training videos, and may be customized on-site.

What inspired your company to produce these products or services?

QuickWitz programs were developed to meet the needs of the actively aging generation that was less technologically astute than its offspring. We believe mental fitness programs should not frustrate but entertain, and not isolate but socialize.

What inspired your founder(s) to form your company?

This mental fitness corporation was born of the founder's love for teaching. Having been introduced to the concept of brain training and cognitive reserve, Becky McLaughlin believed these discoveries could prepare the aging population for its future.

What sets your company apart from others in the industry?

QuickWitz rescues activity directors from hours of searching for appropriate brain-stimulating exercises, provides a variety of games and procedures to residents no matter the intellectual talent, and most importantly, presents those sessions in an interactive group setting.

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